From their beginnings as a two-man recording project in New York City to their place as an internationally recognized force of progressive Black Metal, Anicon have pushed their creative output and eschewed genre expectations. Shortly after releasing their self-titled EP in the summer of 2012 Anicon rose to prominence on the American Black Metal landscape and assembled a full line-up, performing live for the first time in December of that year at Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn. Since then they've played countless shows, completed numerous tours, and released an impressive catalogue of original and explorational music. Boasting members of Krallice, Yellow Eyes, Trenchgrinder, Pyrolatrous, Geryon, Woe, and Ruin Lust, Anicon released their acclaimed full-length debut in 2016 entitled  Exegeses . Now, two years later, the band again showcases their formidable writing chops and musicianship on latest full-length effort,  Entropy Mantra . Equal parts atmosphere and riff,  Entropy Mantra  is as compelling as it is savage both touching on the timeless spirit of Black Metal and chronicling the urban experience of the city Anicon calls home.   RESPONSIBLE AGENT    Ethan McCarthy    RESOURCES    Facebook
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