Autumn 2017 saw  DAWN RAY’D  return with their first full length LP and second ever release, ‘The Unlawful Assembly.’ Pitching a more spiteful and malevolent anger against a new found triumph of melody and blasts, Dawn Ray'd delve deeper into the world 'A Thorn, A Blight' revealed to us. The record is divided into two parts, The Wild Service and The Wild Magic; it is equal parts malice and spite, and ethereallity and exultation. From the clean singing of 'A Litany To Cowards' to the thrashing pace of 'Emptiness Beneath The Great Emptiness', The Unlawful Assembly is a multi-pronged attack, but with one consistent message, inaction is not an option. This is a 10-song strong call to arms, these are battle hymns for the coming class war.   RESPONSIBLE AGENT    Jimmy Claypool    RESOURCES    Facebook  |  Instagram  |  Twitter
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