Formed in the winter of 2012, FÓRN draws inspiration from its predecessors; Grief, Burning Witch and Asunder, while remaining true to natural progression.   Written over the course of a particularly dismal New England winter, FÓRN’s 2014 debut LP  "The Departure of Consciousness" is a 33 minute sonic journey that sees progression on the funeral sludge of their 2013 EP tape with the integration of more melodic development.  Now, FÓRN returns with a new 12” EP, Weltschmerz, which from German translates to a feeling of world-weariness. Contained within are two new compositions, “Saudade" and “Dolor,” each presented in two movements with a total run time of twenty-three minutes.   The suffocating darkness is far more evident within these new songs as FÓRN channels its will to create cavernous wells of sludging doom atmosphere. Each passage intermingled with merciful moments of melody and beauty. These sounds seem to spring from the depths of the human mind, born from a place of grime and filth where no light can go.   RESPONSIBLE AGENT    E  than McCarthy    RESOURCES    Facebook  |  Instagram    RECORD LABEL    Gilead Media
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