Though the band has generally flown under the radar in the general metal consciousness, Gävle, Sweden’s GADGET has roots that trace back to 1997. The band have always included influences from every other extreme genre that they’ve been fond of, like doom, sludge, hardcore punk, death metal, black metal and more, never letting genre boundaries stand in the way of their path of destruction.  At the time of the band’s formation, GADGET existed as the grinding alter-ego of a hardcore band whose members, including GADGET   founder William Blackmon, simply switched instruments. Rikard Olsson and William teamed up in the winter of 99/00, and wrote the first GADGET   demo as a duo. The band then joined forces with Emil Englund to record a second demo, which was strong enough to grab the attention of Relapse Records, who signed the band for the release of their debut full-length  Remote  (2004), now featuring Fredrik Nygren.  Remote  was extensively well-received, as was its 2006 follow-up  The Funeral March . Their latest album  THE GREAT DESTROYER  was just released in 2016.  After touring Europe and performing at dozens of festivals over Europe and US such as Maryland Deathfest, Auditory Assault, Netherlands Deathfest, Obscene Extreme, Hellfest and Brutal Assault Festival, GADGET have proven themselves to be a relentless grindcore force live as well as on record.  RESPONSIBLE AGENT   Ethan McCarthy   RESOURCES   Facebook   RECORD LABEL   Relapse Records
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