"Completely devastated", sighs LOW DOSE vocalist Itarya Rosenberg as she recalls her state of mind while penning the lyrics to the band's very first songs. Yet the complexity of human grief is made up of more than just sadness, and that fact is clearly on display during the roller coaster of contrasts barreling across this 35 minute debut. At once biting and vulnerable, elated and forlorn, the album is an exercise in sickly sweet tension and release that extends far beyond the vocals. Guitars that go from quivering cleanliness to sandblasted destruction, drums that simmer and crash into syncopated riffs, bass that's either softly strummed or bong rattling with no in between. The end result sees LOW DOSE as a dynamic outfit that wouldn't be out of place on the record shelf tucked between PJ HARVEY, METZ, and SLINT.   RESPONSIBLE AGENT    Ethan McCarthy    RESOURCES    Facebook  |  Instagram  |  Twitter
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