Since their inception, Of Feather and Bone have broken many a bone, pun intended, by tastefully blending the blunt immediacy of Tragedy with the bleak and heavy tone of Disembodied, with this Denver trio spinning it all into a grindcore confection spread across two extended plays, a split and their lauded debut full-length Embrace the Wretched Flesh. This unholy catalog reached throughout the world via an aggressive touring schedule that is succeeded only by their visceral live presence and passion for their dark craft. Now in 2017, that craft has taken on a hellish new progression, as Of Feather and Bone boil their already caustic sound with the uncompromising speed of Napalm Death with the legendary brutishness of early Suffocation, forming a new deathgrind monstrosity that builds upon their already megaton foundations. Everywhere from their native Rockies to the farthest shores will quake equally with fear and anticipation for the newest form Of Feather and Bone has taken.   RESPONSIBLE AGENT    Ethan McCarthy    RESOURCES    Facebook  |  Instagram    RECORD LABEL     Profound Lore
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