Hailing from the bay area California,  PRIMAL RITE  was born after the premature demise of San Francisco's Scalped, but finds new life adding vocalist Lucy of Profile (React! Records) to an already well-respected lineup that features current and former members of Yadokai, Condition, Tony Molina Band, Face The Rail, Ecoli, Joyride!, Spiritual Cramp and many other Bay Area punk and hardcore groups. Primal Rite goes beyond any specific hardcore formula, injecting elements of blazing Japanese and Scandinavian hardcore punk, Cleveland-styled crunch and '80s crossover into their sound.   PRIMAL RITE  have been activity hitting it hard since the beginning of 2016 doing tours and weekend runs along side bands like Power Trip, Destruction Unit, Trapped Under Ice and Mizery (to name a few) as well as taking on some headlining runs. After releasing two 7” singles, a full 7” EP and a flexi for New Noise magazine,  PRIMAL RITE  have finally unleashed their debut LP “Dirge Of Escapism” via Revelation Records. 10 tracks of devastating metallic hardcore that defies genre guidelines.  PRIMAL RITE  manage to seamlessly blend old school death metal with Japanese hardcore while at the same time incorporate classic crossover elements with the brute force of Clevo hardcore. These tracks accompanied with masterful cover painting by Adam Burke (Gatecreeper, Eternal Champion, Acephalix) make this LP have a lasting impression.    The band is technically a six piece (five live) & have plans to go all in and make 2018 a year of ecstatic agony!! Keep an eye out for upcoming tours.    RESPONSIBLE AGENT    Brandt Dettling    RESOURCES    Bandcamp  |  Twitter  |  Instagram    RECORD LABEL    Revelation Records
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