Seattle, WA band  SAMOTHRACE  have been forging their style of heavy, ethereal and blues-tinged doom metal since their inception in 2006. Starting in Lawrence, KS,  SAMOTHRACE  soon began playing local shows and quickly hit the road in support of their 2007 demo.   They entered the studio in spring of 2008 to record their freshmen effort, the monolithic "Life's Trade." Released in October 2008 on 20 Buck Spin Records, the album was unanimously and universally hailed for it's four heavy-as-lead tracks. The album saw  SAMOTHRACE  introduce their stylized trade off of heavy and lighter-weighted passages, characterized by interweaving guitar harmonies and powerful yet ethereal bass melodies with a matching feeling at the drum helm. "Life's Trade" received accolades from numerous publications and on-line resources, including landing on Decibel Magazine's Top 40 Metal Albums of 2008, as well as a slew of best-of year end lists.  After several tours through 2008 and 2009, including appearances at the final and coveted edition of the Emissions From the Monolith festival and LA's Murderfest,  SAMOTHRACE  packed up and moved their camp out to Seattle, WA. Shortly thereafter, drummer Joe Axler (Skarp,Splatterhouse, Book of Black Earth, Theories) joined on drum duties and  SAMOTHRACE  began the journey to write 2012's "Reverence to Stone" LP. Also released on 20 Buck Spin Records, the sophomore effort was also widely received with accolades and again found its way onto Decibels Top 40 Metal Albums of 2012.   In addition to these two releases,  SAMOTHRACE  was a feature at 2014's edition of Tilburg, Netherlands long-running and amazing festival Roadburn. The live set performed at the festival was revered by festgoers and staff, alike, and thusly saw the release of a live record on Roadburn's own Roadburn Records simply titled "Samothrace Live at Roadburn 2014".   SAMOTHRACE  has always been a part of the underground and DIY community with deep ties to both. Firmly believing in heavy music for heavy times, the members of  SAMOTHRACE  have always said "keep it heavy, keep it underground."   RESPONSIBLE AGENT    Ethan McCarthy    RESOURCES    Facebook    RECORD LABEL    20 Buck Spin    
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