We start this story at a beer-soaked birthday party in a Brooklyn bar circa 2015. MGMT’s bass player Simon O’Connor had played a few sets as a frontman before under his long-time moniker  Simon Doom  but tonight it would become clear to him that it was time to take Simon Doom more seriously.     Skip forward to the next chapter in which we meet Tommy Stinson of the Replacements and record the first Simon Doom release. It is quickly followed by the  Negotiate With The Monkey  EP. Then in late 2015, Simon O’Connor became a father.  Yes, fatherhood is one of the most joyous moments you can experience in life, but it’s also scary as fuck. There are so many things that if you don’t do immediately might fall eternally into the “what if” category. Priority number one on this list for O’Connor was making sure that  Simon Doom  didn’t fall by the wayside.  With his newborn son asleep in the next room, O’Connor crafted the songs that would become his 2017 release  Babyman . Co-producers   Andrew Vanwyngarden and Ben Goldwasser (both of MGMT)   had a profound effect on the record, as did   Ayad Al Adhamy (Passion Pit, Team Spirit)   who mixed it, but Simon had been the primary creative force. The band he became to assemble to play with him live had not been a part of writing or recording the album.  He was joined on stage by   Jim Carroll (Clouds, Pure Love)   on guitar and   William Flynn (formerly of St. Vincent)   on bass, both of whom O’Connor has known since guitar camp when they were all 15-years-old, as well as   Brandon Collins (Apse)   on drums. They played shows with A Giant Dog, Lemon Twigs, Piebald, Detroit Cobras, Tommy Stinson, Culture Abuse, Ex Hex, We Are Scientists, and Mister Heavenly. There was a chemistry building and as Simon began to write new material, it started to become clear that though he would always be the frontman and creative force behind Simon Doom, that he wanted his bands input and for them to record with him going forward.  So they entered CRC Studios in Brooklyn, as a band, to record the latest Simon Doom offering, the new single “Lucifer The Light Bearer” with producer Miles Robinson (MGMT, Chairlift, Public Access TV).  “The recording process was very different than  Babyman,”  O’connor says,” We really created the song from scratch as a band and Miles’ approach to recording was vastly different than anyone who I had worked with in the past. He brought out the clarity of the instruments and my voice in a way that I never had the guts to before.”  Of the songs origins O’Connor says, “I have always considered myself a “mystical atheist.” I was reading an interview with the lead singer of Cradle of Filth in which he referred to himself as a “Luciferian” rather than a Satanist... I looked up Luciferianism and thought, “hey that’s what I am!” Basically, Lucifer the light bearer is the morning star, the bringer of information, the messenger of enlightenment - not an evil force.” He continues to note that “melodically and sonically, the song is very saccharine, but the subject matter is dark and ominous. I love that juxtaposition.”    The single will be available digitally January 26, 2018 on Votiv.    RESPONSIBLE AGENT    Brandt Dettling    RESOURCES    Facebook  |  Instagram  |  Twitter    RECORD LABEL    Votiv    
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