Indie-rock 4-piece SLOW MASS have released their debut LP  On Watch,  out now via Landland (Tim Kinsella, Birthmark, Etc..). Recorded with Neil Strauch (Joan of Arc, Bonnie Prince Billy, etc.),  On Watch  expands upon the sonic palette they found on their first EP  Treasure Pains , a project that afforded them high-profile opening slots for the likes of mewithoutYou and The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die. United but unpredictable the LP   holds recurring motifs segments, allowing it to feel like a cohesive work with clearly defined halves that expands beyond genre lines. According to Chicago music writer David Anthony “The album sits alongside such classics as Fugazi's  The Argument  and Unwound's  Leaves Turn Inside You , becoming the latest in a long line of records that push a genre forward by never making a single artistic compromise.“  Formed in 2015 by Dave Collis (vocals and guitar) and his then-roommate Josh Sparks (drums), the pair began developing songs without a specific goal in mind. Soon, they’d be joined by Josh Parks (guitar) and Mercedes Webb (vocals and bass), and together they would craft the  Treasure Pains  EP, which showcased Slow Mass’ unique take on post-hardcore and indie-rock. During the writing period of  On Watch , Sparks left the band to join Minus The Bear, though he still recorded on the bulk of the album. In his place, Collis’ longtime friend Dave Maruzzella stepped in, learning Sparks’ parts while contributing to the song “Schemes.”   RESPONSIBLE AGENT    Ethan McCarthy    RESOURCES    Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram  |  Twitter    RECORD LABEL    Landland Colportage
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