With a sound incorporating a strong black metal influence with elements of death, doom, and post metal; as well nods to American folk, Americana and western film scores; WAYFARER creates a sound not easily classified. Inspired by the towering mountains and desolate plains of their homeland in and around Denver, Colorado the band projects an aggressive and melancholic landscape with their music and an energetic and powerful live show.  The band was formed in 2012 by Shane McCarthy (also of Missing, and a live member of Cobalt), Tanner Rezabek, Isaac Faulk (also of Blood Incantation), and James Hansen. The debut album “Children Of The Iron Age” was produced by Dave Otero and self released in 2014, leading to several subsequent tours of the US and Canada and an official release via Prosthetic Records later in the year. The band the released its sophomore album “Old Souls”, also produced by Dave Otero, on Prosthetic in 2016. This album was followed by more touring in North America, as well as founding guitarist Tanner Rezabek being replaced by longtime mentor of the band Joey Truscelli. In 2017 the band is focused on crafting their strongest and most forward thinking record yet, and will enter the studio with Colin Marston in New York in January 2018 to record the as-yet-untitled 3rd album for a Summer 2018 release on Profound Lore. Following a tour of Mexico preceding the album’s recording, the band looks to take the record on the road with full force to whatever corners of the world they can.   RESPONSIBLE AGENT    Ethan McCarthy    RESOURCES    Facebook  |  Instagram    RECORD LABEL    P  rofound Lore
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