Nashville trio YAUTJA are a prog-minded act that combines grindcore and Amphetamine Reptile-era noise with the artier shades of hardcore and death metal. Yautja doesn't just stack hairpin turn after hairpin turn—an approach that was tired by technical death metal's mid-'90s peak. Instead, bassist Kayhan Vaziri, guitarist Shibby Poole, and drummer Tyler Coburn create a highly malleable, mercury-like alloy that changes shape with liquid ease yet retains the solidity of its structure.  Formed in 2009, Yautja has toured the states and central Canada extensively with the likes of Drop Dead, Magrudergrind, Black Breath, Inter Arma, Cult Leader, Pyrrhon, Mutilation Rites, Maruta and more.    RESPONSIBLE AGENT    Ethan McCarthy    RESOURCES    Facebook
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